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CASIO カシオ 時計特集(特刊卡西欧手表)

CASIO カシオ 時計特集(特刊卡西欧手表)


When Casio entered the timepiece business in the 1970s, a watch was a delicate piece of equipment that could not be dropped. The shock-resistant G-SHOCK, launched in 1983, overturned the accepted notion of what a watch is.
The inspiration for the development of G-SHOCK came from an engineer who wanted to make “a tough watch that doesn’t break even when dropped.” He conducted repeated tests by dropping a watch from the third floor of the research and development center to analyze how it broke and redesign the structure. As the result of much trial and error, he created a structure that could absorb shock from all directions by combining soft materials that reduce shock with a hard material frame.
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